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A Little Book of Angels
  • A Little Book of Angels

    A Little Book of Angels

    Author - Mike Harding

    15.5cm x 16cm, 68 pages, Hardcover.

    Aurum Press Ltd / 2008


      ‏Angels - the beautiful winged spirits that intercede between God and humankind Christian iconography. The archangel Gabriel - are central to appeared to Mary to tell her she was to be the mother of the Messiah; Jacob fell asleep and dreamed of a ladder reaching to heaven with angels ascending and descending it. Carved in alabaster or marble, painted on wood in roof bosses or corbels, lumi nously depicted in stained glass windows, angels are to be found inside almost every Christian church.

      ‏Mike Harding has travelled Britain, visited its finest cathedrals and quietest country churches, and sought out the most magnificent array of angels, from Saxon carvings on a tomb in Derbyshire to the wonderful twentieth-century stained-glass windows of Harry Clarke. Here, in his superb photographs and words both erudite and quirky, are seraphim and cherubim, pre-Raphaelite angels and Baroque angels, the fallen angel Lucifer and delicate angel musicians playing harps, lyres and dulcimers.


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