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Ancient Wisdom For The New Age: Numerology - (2nd Hand / Rare)
  • Ancient Wisdom For The New Age: Numerology - (2nd Hand / Rare)

    Ancient Wisdom For The New Age: Numerology

    Author: Dr Greg Russell

    16cm x 12.3cm, 63 pages, Hardcover with Dust-Jacket - Some Wear

    New Holland Publishers, 1998


      Ancient Wisdom For The New Age: Numerology - The Secret Of Numbers

      The most important numbers are derived from your birth date and name, and they'll provide insight into your psychic attributes, destiny, and even sexual attraction and marriageability. Each number is covered in detail, so you'll learn how it affects your interests and desires. It's an eye-opening look at the sum total of your personality.


      What is Numerology and how does it work?

      Specifically, the study of numbers and their energetic influence in your life. According to numerologists (people who practise numerology), numbers have a far deeper meaning than their numerical value and can offer insight on unique characteristics, future events and even your life purpose.


      How do I know my numerology number?

      Write out your birthday in digits and then add them all up. For example, if your birthday is November 2, 1998, or 11/2/1998, you would add 1+1+2+1+9+9+8 = 31. Then keep adding until you get a single digit: In this case, 3+1 = a life-path number of 4.


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