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Cheiro's - Palmistry For All
  • Cheiro's - Palmistry For All

    Cheiro's - Palmistry For All

    Author - Cheiro

    21.5cm x 14cm, 200 pages, Paperback

    Goodwill Publishibg House/ 2009


      Cheiro's - Palmistry for All


      In Palmistry for All, world-famous palmist Cheiro shares with his audience the secrets of reading anyone's palm. With the information in this book, he claims that people can know one another's true character and intention-knowledge greatly desired by many American businessmen, in particular, of his day. With twenty-eight illustrations to assist them, readers are given everything they'll need to formulate their own palm readings. Anyone interested in how palm readings are done will be delighted by Cheiro's thorough explanations. Irish occultist Cheiro-aka WILLIAM JOHN WARNER (1866-1936)-wrote a number of books, including The Language of the Hand and When Were You Born? Among his famous followers were Mark Twain and Oscar Wilde.


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