Dragons Blood Incense Sticks

Dragons Blood Incense Sticks

Dragons Blood Incense Sticks - HEM brand

R10 each per Hexagon tube (Sold separetly)

Or R60 each per full Box, 1 Box contains 6 Hexagon tubes.


    What Are Its Uses?

    However, the dragon’s blood incense is not only used in ritualistic ceremonies. Consider lighting up an incense stick or cone before bed to help you simmer down after a day of hard work. Because of its scent, there are a wide number of ways to use it. You can use it while working, or even to mask unwanted odours in your house. However, when using any form of incense, we recommend keeping your room ventilated.

    You can also use this fragrance for:

    • Meditation
    • Ritualistic Ceremonies
    • Relaxation
    • Yoga
    • Increasing focus
    • Purifying the air

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