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Duas For The Contentment Of The Heart
  • Duas For The Contentment Of The Heart

    Duas For The Contentment Of The Heart

    Author - Majmooa Wazaif

    14cm x 10cm, 144 pages, Paperback (Arabic text with English translation).

    SUPERTAJ / 2019


      A pocket size, concise version of the original full size “Duas for the Contentment of the Heart”, ideal for travelling. Newand Improved Edition included with Manzil.


      Includes:- Surah Yasin, As-Sajda, Al-Waqi’ah, Al-Mulk with introduction and virtues- Surah Ar-Rahman with transliteration and Translation.- Al Manzil (About 33 Ayats from the Qur’an which have been used for protection and Cure) From Maulana Zakariya Khandalvi- The 99 Beautiful Names of Allah (the Asmaa’ul Husnaa – How to recite them with detailed explanation of each of the Names.- Dua for Safety from Calamities- 40 Rabbana with English Translation (forty Dua’s from the Qur’an)- Ayatul Kursi- Urdu Dua- Dua after Fajr & Maghrib- Aspects of Jummah (Friday)- Surah Kahf- Surah dukhaan- Virtues of Durood & Salaam with a collection of forty Durood and Salaam (Salutations on the Prophet sallallahu’alayhi wasallam) compiled by Shaykh al-Hadith Maulana Zakariyya.


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