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Pixiu ~ Wealth & Protection Ring
  • Pixiu ~ Wealth & Protection Ring

    Pixiu ~ Wealth & Protection Ring (Feng Shui)

    Ring Size: Adjustable

    Ring Width: 0.31" (8mm)

    Material: Silver/Copper - Alloy


      What is the Feng Shui Pixiu Ring?


      The Feng Shui Pixiu Ring is a special accessory that combines the wealth-increasing properties of the Pixiu, a mythical creature from Chinese folklore, with the protective and luck-enhancing qualities of a mantra. It's believed to help the wearer achieve financial goals and invite good fortune while providing protection against negative energies.


      The Pixiu is depicted with a dragon's head and a lion's body, symbolizing wealth and prosperity. The mantra engraved on the ring is the "Six True Words," a powerful Buddhist mantra known for its protective and purifying effects. Each syllable of the mantra addresses specific negative emotions, cleansing the wearer's energy and attracting positive vibes.


      To activate the mystical powers of the Pixiu Ring, it's recommended to follow certain rituals:

      • Cleanse Your Pixiu Ring: Regular cleansing, both physically and spiritually, helps maintain the ring's energy and effectiveness. Methods include wiping it with a soft cloth, exposing it to moonlight, or using sage smoke to purify it.

      • Keep a Mantra in Mind: Aligning your thoughts and intentions with positive affirmations can amplify the ring's benefits. Daily recitation of affirmations related to prosperity and abundance can enhance its power.

      • Feed Your Pixiu: Symbolically feeding the Pixiu with treasures like gold, silver, and gemstones is believed to activate its wealth-attracting abilities. Avoid using paper bills, as Pixiu is not attracted to them. This feeding ritual is recommended annually, especially before the Chinese New Year.

      • Wearing Properly: Wear the Pixiu Ring on the middle finger of your left hand to connect with the Wealth Line on your palm, enhancing the flow of wealth into your life.


      Overall, the Pixiu Ring is regarded as a potent tool for attracting wealth, inviting luck, and providing protection, combining the mystical properties of the Pixiu creature and the power of the Six True Words mantra.


      Om” purifies Ego

      Ma” purifies Jealousy

      Ni” purifies Desire

      Pad” purifies Ignorance

      Me” purifies Greed

      Hum” purifies Hatred


      NoteIf the ring breaks or the Pixiu falls off, it's seen as a sign that it has fulfilled its purpose of warding off misfortune. Burying the broken ring wrapped in a red cloth is a traditional way to dispose of it. It's advised to avoid exposing the ring to sanitizers or water to prolong its lifespan, although its silver coating may wear over time.



      Refunds on request may take between 3 to 5 working days for processing.


      Please Note that current orders may take 7 to 10 working days. (Excluding shipping).

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