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Ganesha With Rat Statue (5cm x 4.5cm)
  • Ganesha With Rat Statue (5cm x 4.5cm)

    Ganesha With Rat Statue - (5cm x 4.5cm) - Brass Metal, Hand-Painted with Rhinestones. Made in India


      What does Ganesha symbolize?

      Lord Ganesha clears the obstacles and paves the way for us to move forward in life. The large elephant head of Lord Ganesha symbolizes wisdom, understanding, and a discriminating intellect that one must possess to attain perfection in life.


      Why is Ganesh on a rat?

      His vehicle (Vahana) is the large Indian bandicoot rat, which symbolizes Ganesha's ability to overcome anything to get what he wants. Like a rat and like an elephant, Ganesha is a remover of obstacles. The 10-day late-summer (August–September) festival Ganesh Chaturthi is devoted to him.


      According to the Ganesha Purana, the gandharva Krauncha was cursed by a sage to turn into a rat, who then went on to serve Ganesha as his vaahana. According to another Puranic legend, Gajamukha the demon defeated by Ganesha in battle. He was then turned into a Mooshak by Ganesha.


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