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Hamsa-Hand/Evil Eye, Ceramic Coaster
  • Hamsa-Hand/Evil Eye, Ceramic Coaster

    Hamsa-Hand/Evil Eye, Ceramic Coaster - 14.5cm x 10.5cm

    Materials: Ceramic, Cork.

    Evil Eye with Fish design.


      Hamsa-Hand/Evil Eye, Ceramic Coaster can be used as a Decorative Tile / Altar Tools / Meditation Decor / Mug Coaster / Boho...


      The Hamsa (also known as Khamsa) is a hand shaped amulet used for protection by both Jewish and Muslim people. Its name comes from a Semitic root and literally means "five". The Hamsa is usually shaped in the form of a symmetrical hand, with thumbs on both side, and not in the anatomically correct way.


      What does the fish symbolize on Hamsa?


      Good Luck, It's also known as the Hand of Miriam–after Moses' sister–and represents God's protective hand or a hand swatting away the evil eye. Here, the hamsa is paired with fish, another symbol of good luck, and the Hebrew word chai, for “life.”




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