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Hinduism: One God or Many 'Gods'?
  • Hinduism: One God or Many 'Gods'?

    Hinduism: One God or Many 'Gods'?

    Author - Sadhu Vivekjivandas / Editor - Dr. Janakbhai Dave

    17cm x 12cm, 90 pages, Paperback.

    Swaminarayan Aksharpith / 2014


      Hinduism: One God or Many 'Gods'? deals concisely with the different manifestations of Paramātma on earth, their purpose and function. The principal ten avatars of Bhagwan Vishnu and other deities have been elaborated upon. The book also deals with three important pillars of Hinduism: Mandirs (places of worship), Shastras (sacred texts) and Sant (God-realized guru).


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