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How to Read the Tarot
  • How to Read the Tarot


    How to Read the Tarot

    Author - Sylvia Abraham

    19 x 12.5cm, 184 pages, Paperback

    Bounty Books / 2008


      "I have been using this system for twenty years with great success."  Sylvia Abraham

       Your key to the Tarot

      Unlock the secrets of the past, present and future with the Tarot.  You can learn the Key Word system in a matter of days, so in no time you'll be reading the cards for yourself or friends and family.

      Author Sylvia Abraham has been reading Tarot cards for over 30 years and has developed a unique but simple system.  Her Key Word system is an interpretive structure that applies to the card numbers of both the Major and Minor Arcana.

      You will also learn five common Tarot spreads designed to answer a variety of common questions about love, money, health and more.

      A concise symbol dictionary helps you interpret any one of the hundreds of symbols found on Tarot cards, giving your readings an additional level of meaning.  This accessible, accurate guide to the cards is your key to the Tarot.

      Sylvia Abraham is a professional Tarot reader and teacher.  She is also the author of How to Use Tarot Spreads.


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