Money Series - Incense Pack (6 in 1)

Money Series - Incense Pack (6 in 1)

Money Series - Incense Pack - HEM Brand - Contains 6 packs of 20 sticks each.

There are 6 different, individual packages in this set. This Money Incense Pack includes:


Good Luck

Call Money

Fast Luck

Call Client

Attracts Money

Money Drawing 


    Money Series Incense Pack ~ Invite Wealth and Prosperity into your home


    Let these calming fragrances lift your Financial worries away! A great gift idea, at an affordable price. Money drawing incense sticks, that truly has a wonderous scent. Use this to attract Good Fortune and Prosperity your way.‏ A high quality incense from HEM; one of the leading incense makers in the world. Hand-rolled in India. 


    HEM incense is one of the finest premium brand incense from India. HEM is world famous for its traditional hand rolled incense made from a variety of fragrances, woods, resins, florals and fine essential oils.



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