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Pagan Resurrection - (2nd Hand, Rare, First Edition)
  • Pagan Resurrection - (2nd Hand, Rare, First Edition)

    Pagan Resurrection: A Force for Evil or the Future of Western Spirituality?

    (2nd Hand, Rare, First Edition) 

    Author: Richard Rudgley

    24cm x 15.5cm, 336 pages

    Hardcover with Dust-Jacket (Unclipped Dust-Jacket)

    Published by Random House UK, 2006


      Pagan Resurrection is the biography of a god. The old pagan deity Odin, dethroned by Christ, has risen again to play a powerful role in human affairs in the modern era.

      The pagan myths and gods are ancient blueprints that are still very much alive in the modern mind, influencing both thought and action. The author explores this revival in its various manifestations - from Victorian science-fiction, to the proto-hippies of early- twentieth-century Germany, from the Nazis to the ideas of the psychologist Carl Gustav Jung.

      After the Second World War, paganism spread across the English-speaking world. Its diverse power and influence can be found in the writings of Tolkien, the hippie movement of the Sixties, the actions of serial killers in the US, in neo-Nazi terrorism, and in occult circles.

      The new paganism is an increasing power in modern culture not only in Europe and America but across the globe. It has manifested itself in both creative and destructive ways and, if the positive and conscious power of the Odin myth is drawn upon, then our civilisation can be transformed for the better. The new paganism provides a living philosophy for the twenty-first century. Pogon Resurrection is not just about the modern crisis in western spirituality, it also suggests a way forward.

      Richard Rudgley is a critically acclaimed author and TV presenter and has been described as one of the faces of Channel 4 history. He has written and presented numer- ous documentaries including the four part series Pagons. He is the author of six other books which have been translated into ten languages. Richard was born in Hampshire, England in 1961. After receiving a first class degree from the University of London he continued his studies in anthropology and prehistory at the University of Oxford. He is a Fellow of the Royal Geographical Society.


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