Shiva Trishul/Damru Bracelet

Shiva Trishul/Damru Bracelet

Shiva Damru Bracelet - Silver colour / thin bracelet with two Rudraksha beads and detailed Shiva's Trishul / Damru design.


    What does Shiva's Damru/Damaru,Trishul and Rudraksha beads symbolize?

    Shiva holding the Damaru is popular in the Nataraja form. Sometimes he is shown in a dancing posture other than Nataraja and holding the Damaru. In some images, the Damaru is tied to the Trishul or trident. The sound from Damaru symbolizes the sound that originates creation and perpetuates the universe.

    In Hinduism, especially by Shiva devotees, it is believed that beating of the Damaru by Shiva produced the very first sound (nada). This first sound was made in the void of nothingness. Shiva began his dance of creation to the rhythm of the Damaru. From his dance, the world came into being.

    There is also a symbolism regarding the shape of the Damaru – the top portion of the Damaru symbolizes the male creativity of procreation (the Lingam), and the downward representation symbolizes the female creativity of procreation (the Yoni). Symbolically, the creation of the world begins when the lingam and yoni meet at the mid-point of the Damaru, and the destruction takes place when both separate from each other.  

    Shiva is often described as a cosmic dancer and a great musician. Shiva's Tandavam is the cosmic dance and his Damaru (a small hourglass shape drum) represent the cosmic sound. Damru represents recreation, enjoyment. Damru represents reproduction as it symbolises yoni while Trishula represents death.

    According to the ancient Vedic scriptures, Rudraksha Beads were formed from the tears (Aksha) of Lord Shiva (Rudra). Ideally Rudraksha is worn at all times or kept close to the skin, it is a sacred seed that emits a potent protective energy, enabling the wearer to achieve their greater potential.


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