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The Hindu Book Of Why? - (New)
  • The Hindu Book Of Why? - (New)

    The Hindu Book Of Why? - (New)

    By Pandit Sachin Singh

    21cm x 15cm, 89 pages, Paperback

    Shree Nath Dham Publication / 2020



      The Hindu Book of WHY? Is a comprehensive book compiled by the esteemed Hindu priest Pandit Singh whose many years of experience conducting prayers and sermons amongst Hindus, saw a need to further educate on why Hinduism is a lifetime guide.  


      This book “WHY” is set out with facts about all that surrounds the daily lifestyle of an individual following a path set out by Hindu gurus, sages and ultimately the divine. It is through their examples we should use as guidance for the current life we lead. The complexities simplified by the author through highlighting relevant rituals developed to increase faith and connection with the spiritual self, such as lighting the lamp, wedding vows, graha poojas to name a few.


      However, these very rituals from ill-informed or unknowledgeable sources have the potential to increase further doubt and distance from those born into Hinduism as a birth rite.


      This book is based on eradicating doubts and bring into highlight that everything part of Hinduism was for the benefit of the individual and all that surrounds him or her therefore should not be suspected due to lack of information .


      Content of the book

      No individual is the same as we would all concur; therefore, the author includes various texts we can find an assimilation with in creating a spiritual path. This book is a wonderful starting point for those who will look at this ancient faith with a blank canvas or those who require confirmation they are on the right path to spiritual elevation. The reader is directed to explore several texts such as the Vedas, Upanishads and puranas that promises to be filled with colours of information, establishing an everlasting rainbow of love and gratefulness to be a Hindu.


      Three reasons for keeping this book as a handbook:

      1. Hinduism in a nutshell for those with limited time or perhaps require a refresher about the fundamentals.

      2. Answers to your questions about Hinduism is coming from a reliable source who    possesses knowledge and wisdom accompanied with experience.

      3. Well laid format with a writing style comprehendible to most levels of literacy



      A well worth it addition to my bookshelf which will be readily available when the members of my family will begin asking the question “WHY”!

      A literary offering reflects that Hinduism truly has the answer for everything, you just need to know where to start looking.


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