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White Sage/Dragons Blood - Smudge Stick (Imported)
  • White Sage/Dragons Blood - Smudge Stick (Imported)

    White Sage/Dragons Blood - Smudge Stick (Imported)

     Approximately 11cm x 3cm


    Combining White Sage with Dragon's Blood Resin creates a potent cleansing tool with both spiritual and practical benefits.


     100% sustainably sourced and tightly hand wrapped (organic cotton string to individually wrap each smudge stick) with love to provide a long slow burn.


      White Sage:

      • Sacred Herb: Held in high regard by Native Americans for its spiritual cleansing properties.
      • Ceremonial Use: Used in rituals and ceremonies for purification and clearing negative energies.
      • Practical Benefits: Known for its ability to clear the air of bacteria and other pathogens.

      Dragon's Blood Resin:

      • Origin: Derived from the resin of a rare tropical tree.
      • Properties: Adds potency to rituals and spells, enhancing protection and meditative energies.
      • Aroma: Features a distinctive woody, spicy, and floral scent, contributing to the ceremonial experience.


      Combined Benefits:

      • Enhanced Cleansing: The combination of White Sage dipped in Dragon's Blood resin amplifies the cleansing properties, making it effective for clearing spaces, objects, and individuals of negative energy.
      • Spiritual Protection: Provides a shield against negative influences and enhances the spiritual atmosphere during rituals and meditative practices.
      • Cultural Significance: Respects the cultural heritage of Native American traditions while incorporating the mystical qualities of Dragon's Blood resin.

      In summary, this combination serves not only as a practical tool for purifying environments but also as a spiritual aid that honors ancient traditions and enhances the energy of rituals and meditation.


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      Please Note that current orders may take 7 to 10 working days. (Excluding shipping).

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